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Actis Boost'R Hybrid - Breather Membrane

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Actis Boost’R Hybrid is an entirely new concept - a reflective breathable membrane with an excellent built-in thermal performance for use on the cold side of the building fabric in roofs and walls. It offers dual properties within a single product: A heat reflecting breathable membrane plus a thermal insulant that allows a reduction in the number of installation steps whilst reducing the thickness of the main insulation to achieve the required U Value. It can be used in conjunction with any type of insulation

Product Application

Installed on the warm side of any insulation material, behind the internal finish in roofs, walls and ceilings, to enhance thermal values, and vapour and moisture control

Product Description

Boost’R Hybrid provides dual solutions combined within a single product ... a breathable membrane and reflective insulation, which reduces the thickness of the main insulation to achieve the same required U Value allows, and provides a reduction in the number of installation steps.

It can be used in conjunction with any type of insulation.

Boost-R Hybrid insulation is 35mm thick and available in rolls of 1.6m x 6.25m = 10m²

Product Benefits

Actis Boost-R Hybrid is a reflective breathable membrane with a built-in thermal performance for use on the cold side of the building fabric in roofs and walls.

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Actis BoostR - Uncompressed thickness = 35mm - Aluminised polyester outer layers - Components = 9

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Technical Data

Actis Boost'R Breather Membrane - Multi-Foil Hybrid

Test method
Declared Value
Thickness EN 1849-2 under 50 Pa load 35mm
Weight/m2 EN 1849-2 650 g/m2
Length EN 1848-2 6,7m
Declared thermal performance

R Value of Boost-R Hybrid
+ 2 air cavities after ageing

EN 16012 2.40m2.K/W
R value of material
Declared Emissivity (outer / inner side) after ageing
0.31 / 0.05
Tensile Strength
Longitudinal direction

EN 12311-1 & EN 13859-1/2 annex A

>300 N/50mm
Transversal direction
>200 N/50mm
Elongation (Longitudinal)
Elongation (Transverse)
Resistance to Tearing , Nail Shank
Longitudinal direction

EN  12310-1  &  EN  13859-1/2 annex B

>150 N
Transversal direction
>150 N
Water Vapour Transmission

Vapour  Resistance  (Z) EN 12572 set C 0.55 MNs/g
Diffusion equivalent air layer thickness (Sd)
0.11 m
EN 1928 method A Watertight, W1
Air Permeability
EN 12114 (50Pa) Airtight
Flexibility at Low T
EN 1109, 30°C/ ø30mm 300 mm Drop height
Dimensional Stability
EN 1107, +80°C/6h < 1%
Fire Resistance
  Class F

After Ageing
Tensile Strength
Longitudinal direction   545 N/50mm
Transversal direction   250 N/50mm
Elongation (Longitudinal) 32%  
Elongation (Transverse) 19%
EN 1928 method A Watertight, W1

Product Information and Certification

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Actis Boost'R Datasheet | Actis Boost'R Certification | Actis Hybrid Products Overview

Product Certification:

Boost' R Hybrid has been tested in a laboratory according to the following EN Standards:

EN 13859-1/2 ž: Flexible sheets for waterproofing. Definitions and characteristics of underlays. Part 1 : Underlays for discontinuous roofing. Part 2 : Underlays for walls.

EN 16012 š : Thermal insulation for buildings. Reflective insulation product. Determination of the declared thermal performance It has been tested on site by the Glasgow Caledonian University according to: ISO 9869 Thermal insulation - Building elements - In-situ measurement of thermal resistance and thermal transmittance - Part 1 : Heat flow-meter method.

Boost' R Hybrid complies with BS5250 – Code of Practice for Control of Condensation in Buildings and helps to meet the requirements of Approved Document L 2010 (England & Wales) and Section 6 (Scotland).

Product Properties

With a value = 0,55 MNs/g , Sd =0,11 m, Boost’ R Hybrid allows for water vapour diffusion through the fabric of the building, thus preventing any risk of condensation

With an air permeability value of <0.030 m 3 /m 2 xhx50Pa), Boost' R Hybrid acts as a barrier against air leakage and thermal convection.
TThanks to its sandwich assembly, its 35 mm thickness and its two low emissivity external faces ( inner side = 0,05, outer side = 0.31 ), It achieves a declared core R-value of 1,35 m 2 .K/W (with no air gaps – in direct contact) and an R value of 2,40 m 2 .K/W with 2 air voids of 20 mm (horizontal flow), as certified by VTT.

The following construction was used for thermal testing carried out on site in roofs

In roofs once installed : The R Value of Boost' R Hybrid with adjacent air cavities was measured at 2,17 m 2 .K/W. The slight difference from the performance in a laboratory is due to the fact that It has been measured with a ventilated air gap on the cold side, which is not taken into account in the laboratory tests.

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