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Actis Triso Super 10 Plus - Reflective multi-foil insulation

Actis Logo - Innovative Heat Reflecting Multi-Foil Insulation and Breather Membrane Hybrids

Newly improved, the original multi-foil insulation just got better. Effective both in summer and winter: In winter, it retains heat within buildings. In summer, it reflects radiation preventing overheating of attic rooms.

Certified as the equivalent of 210mm of mineral wool by BM TRADA Certification.

We recommend verifying your application with Building Control, if appropriate, prior to purchasing this product.

Product Application

Actis Triso Super 10 Plus Pitched roof and External Wall Multi-Foil

Actis Tri Iso Super 10, the ground-breaking innovative multi-foil insulation certified for pitched roofs,  and timber frame or masonry wall applications.

Product Benefits

Efficient both in summer and winter
Space saving 30mm thick!
Quick and easy to install
Flexible can fit the most difficult of roofs
Durable - will not sag, moisture resistant
Non-irritant, hypo-allergenic
Airtight and weather resistant.
Saves surface area and living space.

Further benefits include ...
Seals roof against wind and damp, while retaining ventilation; retains more warmth in winter; prevents loft overheating in the summer; saves valuable living space; beams and rafters may be left exposed.

Product Description

Actis Triso Super 10+ multi-foil insulation provides thermal efficiency and is only 35mm thick!

Super 10+ is certified for use in a roof construction as equivalent to 210mm mineral wool, which conforms to EN 13162, and has a declared thermal conductivity of λD = 0,04 W/m.K (Q-Mark certificate BIPS-0104).

Actis insulation products prevent heat loss through drafts and air leakage, reflect natural radiation, are impervious to water droplets, and, through the use of layers of foam and wadding, contain the effects of conduction within the insulation itself.

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Actis Triso Super 10+ - Uncompressed thickness = 35mm - Aluminised polyester outer layers - Components = 19

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Technical Data

Actis Triso Super 10 Plus Multi-Foil Insulation

Product Value Standard
Thickness 35 +/-3mm EN 823
Thermal performance Equivalent to 210mm of mineral wool (λD = 0.04W/m.K)* BIP-001
Emissivity 0.05 prEN 16012
Air permeability Airtight EN 12114
Water vapour resistance Z > 500MN.s/g-1 EN 1931
Water resistance W1 EN 1928 method A
EN 13859-1  § 5.2.3 En
Surface weight ≥ 738g/m²
Fire test reaction Euroclasse F EN 13501-1

Tensile strength


≥ 600 N/50mm EN 12311-1


≥ 400 N/50mm

Nail tear resistance


≥ 400 N EN 12310-1


≥ 450 N

Product Information and Certification

Links to manufacturer's information. Click to download in a separate browser window.

Actis Triso Super 10+ Datasheet | Actis Triso Super 10+ Certification | Actis Hybrid Products Overview

Product Certification:

Product Certification BM Trada Certificate - Issued January 16, 2012 - expires October 24, 2014

Actis Triso Super 10+ has been assessed in accordance with the BM TRADA Certification Building Insulation Products Scheme, including in-situ testing in accordance with TRADA Technology Ltd test protocol BIP-001, for use in roof construction and has an in-situ thermal insulation performance equivalent to 210mm of mineral wool.* Actis Super 10+ is registered within the BM TRADA Certification Scheme for Building Insulation Products.

*The mineral wool used to establish equivalence conforms to EN 13162, has a declared thermal conductivity of 0.04W/mK and 210mm of this mineral wool has a declared R value of 5.25m²K/W.

The thermal performance equivalence is between the two tested roof structures, and includes all the associated heat losses, such as thermal properties of the materials, air leakage and thermal bridging, the structures being designed with realistic and identical air tightness and fractional timber surface area to ensure that the results of the test are representative of commonly used roof structures.

Product Installation

Under rafter applicationActis is shown here, complemented by rigid PIR insulation boards and foil-backed plasterboard

Essential rules of installation

Ensure an air gap on either side of the insulation.

Ventilation: Vapour permeable underlay

Ensure an air gap of 25mm minimum between the insulation and the breather membrane.

The membrane should have a vapour resistance less than 0.25MNs/g.

Pull the insulation taut and staple to the rafters and horizontal support battens using galvanised staples, 14mm minimum.

20mm stainless steel staples are recommended.

Overlap the insulation from 50-100mm at each joint and staple every 50mm onto the rafter or horizontal support batten.

Cover all the joints with Actis Isodhesif tape to give an air tight finish.

Fold all finishing edges under by 50mm minimum and staple every 50mm or trap with a final batten.

Roofing Felt: Ensure an air gap of 50mm minimum between the insulation and the felt, with ventilation from eaves to ridge according to British Standards.

Pitched Roof Applications

Roll insulation horizontally, starting along the bottom of the roof.
Batten horizontally between rafters, allowing joint to be stapled and taped : - Staple every 50mm (Galvanised 14mm staples). - Overlap joints 50-100mm - Cover joint with our metallic tape.
Fix vertical battens ensuring a minimum air gap of 20mm between the insulation and the membrane
Fix breathable membrane following manufacturers instructions.

Under rafter application alternative

Unroll the insulation, starting along the top of the roof
Batten horizontally between rafters, allowing joint to be stapled and taped - Staple every 50mm (Galvanised 14mm staples) - Overlap joints 50-100mm - Cover joint with metallic tape
At the bottom of the roof pitch, staple the insulation directly onto the timber wall plate.
Battens (25x35mm min.) should be fixed in line using appropriate nails, ensuring that there is always a minimum air gap of 20mm between the insulation and the plasterboard

Over rafter application

Roll insulation horizontally, starting along the bottom of the roof.

Insert timber support (as noggin) between rafters, enabling joint to be stapled and taped securely.

Staple every 50mm (galvanised staples, 14mm minimum).

Overlap joints 50-100mm and staple the joints every 50mm.
Cover joints with 100mm adhesive tape foil tape.

Fix vertical battens in line with the rafters ensuring an air gap of 25mm minimum between the insulation and the membrane.

Fix membrane to manufacturer's instructions.

Installation Guidelines Internal roof timbers can be left exposed.
Continuous insulation, reduces bridging.

Using two types of insulation in a pitched roof

There is sufficient third party information to suggest that combinations of differing insulation types including multi foils can perform to expected levels.

Triso Super 10+ has been used successfully on many projects in conjunction with third party insulation. Actis confident, for example, of the performance in terms of vapour when low density wool type insulation is used on the outside of the multi-foil insulation.

However, Actis cannot offer full assurances of the performance of such systems particularly in terms of condensation risk for the life of the roof as this has not been tested or certified.

When considering using a third party insulation with the Triso Super 10+ system, either because they want to offer an improved thermal performance or at the request of building control, then Actis recommends that the insulation with the higher vapour resistivity be placed on the inside, and would always suggest a vapour control layer is installed to the back of the plasterboard.

The size of battens to be used when installing Triso Super 10+

Triso Super 10+ should be fixed to the rafters with a 25mm batten minimum, however 38mm is recommended in certain applications such as between the Triso Super 10+ and a boarded roof. The battens"™ primary purpose is to provide an air gap between the insulation and any other element. Triso Super 10+ principally provides its thermal performance by reducing thermal transfer through radiation, and the air gap is required to force thermal transfer to take place via radiation. If an element such as plasterboard is in contact with the Triso Super 10+ heat transfer can occur through conduction, which reduces the thermal performance of the system and should therefore be avoided.

Flat Roof Applications

Actis has not tested Triso Super 10+ in a flat roof application, so is not qualified to offer a solution based on testing and certification.

Triso Super 10+ is primarily designed, tested and certified for pitched roof applications; however it can be used for insulation in a flat roof subject to the following:

Triso Super 10+ does not have certification for use in flat roofs, so you should always refer to your local Building Control for project approval before installation.

Triso Super 10+ is only suitable for simple flat roofs, used in domestic scale architecture, for areas such as dormer roofs and extensions.

Ventilation of the void below the impervious waterproof surface finish is essential. If good cross flow ventilation cannot be provided then Triso Super 10+ should not be used.

Using Actis Triso Super 10+ horizontally in a loft space, over existing insulation, to upgrade the thermal performance. Actis Triso Super 10+ has no certification for installation in this application.

Actis would suggest other insulation options within this application, due to possible condensation risk when using two differing insulation types.

Please contact the Actis technical department for further details.

Walls Applications

Triso Super 10+ has been tested and certified for use on pitched roofs. TRADA certificate 0102 also allows for the use of Triso Super 10+ on walls such as gable walls, dormer cheeks and other verticals within the roof space. These walls are to be less than 40% of the overall area to be insulated. Triso Super 10+ has been installed successfully on walls throughout the UK, specifically in the refurbishment of homes where space is limited.

However, local building control should always be contacted before installation to ensure approval.

Other Considerations

The type of fixings to use

Super 10 is shown being fitted above the rafters. Yet to be installed above, is a breather membrane such as Tyvek Supro, then the tiling battens then tiles / slatesIt is recommended that battens are nailed at 150mm centres using maximum 45mm nails, preferably ring shank.

Plasterboard should be fixed with maximum 30mm Gypsum or Drywall screws at 300mm centres.

Screwing directly through Triso Super 10+ is not recommended as many screws will catch on the separating wadding.

The tape to use, and quantity required

All testing of Triso Super 10+ has been carried out using Actis Isodhesif tape, therefore this tape is recommended by Actis. There are 50 linear metres on a single roll of tape and roughly one roll of tape should be used with each 20m2 roll of Triso Super 10+.

Actis agree that if Actis Isodhesif tape is not available then foil tape, 75mm wide minimum, can be used as an alternative.
At Just-Insulation we normally supply Idenden T303  aluminised tape 100mm wide by 45 meters long.

Actis recommend that duct tape or electrical tape should not be used to fix the Triso Super 10+ insulation system.

Actis Triso Super 10+ can affect TV and mobile phone reception

Due to the reflective nature of the Triso Super 10+ insulation TV or mobile phone signals could possibly be affected. This would only happen where there is a weak signal and the aerial is completely surrounded by the insulation, such as in a loft space. Actis recommends the aerial is outside the insulated space if the signal is weak.

Precautions to take in terms of fire performance?

Actis insulation is designed to be installed behind a fire safe surface such as plasterboard. The insulation should not be left exposed in a habitable space as this would not comply with Approved Document B of the Building Regulations.

Care should be taken during the installation stage not to expose Triso Super 10+ to a heat source such as a blowtorch.

Installing down lighters in insulated ceilings?

Actis does not generally encourage the use of recess lighting in any insulated ceiling. Using down lighters in insulated ceilings can cause problems due to the conflict between fire performance and air tightness / thermal performance requirements.

It may be possible to combine recess lighting with Triso Super 10+ insulation using specialist enclosures or other solutions.

Holes should not be cut in the insulation to allow for lighting as this reduces the thermal integrity of the system.

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