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Please bear in mind that we are Brokers and Distributors, not Architects, Engineers, or Quantity Surveyors

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Insulation Online Limited

Sales Office only:

39 Normandy Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN14 7DX, UK

Telephone: 0333 8000 828

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Our telephone are open between
08.30 - 17:00, Monday - Thursday, and

08.30 - 16:00 on Fridays.

Being an online business, Internet orders and enquiries are processed beyond these hours.

We always give precedence to Internet communications.

We do not undertake unpaid research on behalf of Architects, Designers or Engineers and suggest they contact the manufacturers directly. Contact details are provided at the foot of all relevant product pages.

Web sites that may be of interest ... 
dedicated to DIY specialists and small building firms -no vehicle access restriction
rigid tube light pipes / sky light tunnels

Company Information

The and associated websites are operated by Insulation Online Limited.

Company Registration: No 4597028 - Issued on November 21, 2002

Registered office: Berkley House,18 Station Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 1DJ.

Insulation Online Limited VAT Registration Number 753 5101 13

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are our prices so competitive, and such good value?

Our mission is to bring our customers the very best products at the very best prices.

Due to our high volume of sales, we have managed to negotiate levels of pricing with the Manufacturers or their nominated Distributors that are normally reserved for their very largest business accounts.

We then pass on these great prices directly to our customers. As our prices only include a small handling charge to cover our time, credit card transaction fees, and some small expenses, our prices have to be some of the most competitive available to medium / small builders and builders' merchants. Our customers also include self-builders, D.I.Y. enthusiasts, and retail buyers .

The very best products

At, we believe our customers require quality products that are manufactured under controlled conditions ... products that are safe. It is not our policy to supply non-EEC products that may be carcinogenic, a fire or health hazard, create sick building syndrome, or be a cause unnecessary pollution. Neither do we sell sub-standard products or seconds, of any sort. Our Customers are assured of only the best 'branded' products, that provide proven performance that will not raise questions and objections from Building Control ... providing they are installed as per the instructions laid out in the relevant certification and manufacturers instructions

The very best prices

We specialise in providing the best quality products at prices that are affordable to the small builders, medium sized builders, self-builders and renovators, D.I.Y. specialists, and householders. Our high turnover ensures that we can broker preferential buying rates, which we pass on to our customers. Of course, we have competitors, but we strive to be the cheapest outlet on the Internet.

Due to the volume of business, and the fact that we are an "online shop", we always give priority to online orders and email enquiries, which is our preferred method of communication. However, our telephone lines get very busy, so please be prepared to leave a message

The very best delivery lead-times

We don't want our customers waiting for interminable delivery times. We don't make vague delivery date promises, and strive to deliver on the next working day, if ordered over the Internet before 10am.

Due to the large number of line items we supply (in excess of 1,360 at the time of writing) and the complications of delivery logistics, we cannot guarantee delivery dates. We do not offer estimates of delivery times, as there are too many variables outside of our control. However, deliveries are generally made between 8am and 2pm, however our transports are on the road from 7am to 6pm, and beyond.

Telephone orders can take longer to process due to the complications of processing payments on our customer's behalf. It can take us a little longer to deliver to some of the less populated areas of the country. In these cases, and when delivering to Southern Ireland or the Channel Islands, we typically deliver within three to four working days.

The very best solutions

We have expended considerable time and resources to make this web site as informative and user friendly as possible. All of the information included on this web site has been provided by the manufacturers or their nominated distributors. Please use the menu system to find the information that you require. You can also visit our Downloads Page to obtain copies of the manufacturer's literature.

U Value calculations ... these are calculated on the entire element of a construction such as a roof, wall floor, and so on. We recommend that our customers seek the advice of a qualified engineer, designer or architect to ascertain the combined values of the building materials and insulation they intend to use before purchase. We do not undertake U Value calculations.

Open for business

Our online shop is available for business 24 / 7 / 365. Orders received over the Internet are given priority over those made by telephone. Equally, internet orders received while our offices are closed are given priority at the beginning of the next working day ... so there may be delays in answering telephone calls at the start of business each day.

Our offices are open between 8.30am and 5 pm, Monday through Thursday, and 8.30 am - 4 pm on Fridays. At other times our offices may well be manned, and we will respond to the telephone calls in such cases. We can receive numerous telephone calls at the same time, and we urge our Customers to leave a message if our telephones are unanswered. We always respond to telephone and email messages at the earliest possible opportunity.

Exports to EC Member States

We are now making our exceptionally good prices available to customers in the European Union. We can arrange delivery by courier, and air or sea freight. Commonly, with our assistance, our customers manage their own air freight or sea freight arrangements. Arrangements can be made for VAT to be paid in the country to which the goods are being exported. 

Can we help resolve your questions and understanding?

We endeavour to attain a detailed working knowledge of every product that we sell, and we are happy to share this knowledge.

Commonly we represent only one manufacturer, but on occasions, where similar products are available, we provide alternatives. When there is confusion as to the most appropriate products to fulfil our customers' needs, and we can offer advice related to the pros and cons of these items. Please email tour enquiries to us ... Click Here

Our web sites have 'Download' pages, which offer easy access to the latest product information, including technical literature and drawings; engineers' data sheets; installation booklets; promotional brochures, video clips; et cetera.

The very best security

Our contact information is on full display, unlike some others who flaunt the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) guidelines ... we don't hide behind PO Box numbers nor anonymous 0800, 0845 or 0870 telephone numbers, nor do we profit through the use Premium telephone numbers.

We do provide national rate 0300 numbers, which cost the standard national geographical rate from landline telephones , and free for mobile phones that have inclusive minutes on their contract. For those who are not convinced that 0300 numbers cost the same or less than a standard telephone call, our BT Landline numbers are listed in our 'Contact' page.

Trustwave, who check our Internet safety protocols on a monthly basis have found our company to be compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), endorsed by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB card brands. Trustwave recognizes our efforts to reduce credit card theft and fraud. By achieving PCI certification, we are recognised for maintaining rigorous data security standards to ensure our customer's charge card and personal information remains safe and secure.

How secure is your information when buying from our web site?

We never share any information that we receive from our visitors and customers with third parties, with the exception of delivery details where appropriate.

Payments made over the Internet are handled by Sreamline Merchant Services, which is a very secure facility, and we never see our customers credit or debit card details.

Although payment via Streamline is the most secure way to effect financial transactions with us, we understand that some of our customers may not have ready access to the Internet, or may simply prefer to deal with a real person. Under these circumstances we are happy to accept telephone orders and payment details, but again your information is secure, and will not be divulged to unauthorised parties. We may require that the customer contacts their Charge Card's issuing Bank to obtain an Authorisation Code for telephone orders ... a procedure that should take five minutes or less.

Why don't we accept payment by monthly accounts?

Our operations are geared to keep costs to a minimum, and one of the main reasons that we can offer such great value is that we do not have to support a large administration to set up and maintain credit accounts, then possibly have to chase payments, and cover the costs of bad debts. Equally, we do not incur extra costs by seeking extended payment options from the manufacturers or their distributors.

Contact us

Insulation Online Limited

Sales Office only:39 Normandy Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN14 7DX, UK

Telephone: 0333 8000 828


Web site: Click Here

insulation-online.comdelivering the very best products at the very best prices

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Minimum order £500.00 ex-VAT. Delivery vehicles size - 28 tons

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