Actis Triso Super 10 + multifoil insulation blanket Actis Insulation

Actis Triso Super 10+

Thin multifoil insulation for pitch roofs and associated walls

Works by reflecting radiant heat using the outside reflective layers while the inner core elements reduce heat loss through conduction and convection methods.

Used for insulating pitch roofs at rafter level, either above or below the rafter.

Also controls air and vapour movement.

Requires a minimum 25mm air gap on either side of the insulation.

Highly durable, does not create thermal bridging by sagging, shrinking or deforming.

Product Information

General information about Actis Triso Super 10+

Product Application

Multifoil pitch roof insulation

Actis' multifoil insulation blanket, Triso Super 10+, is suitable for use in pitch roof applications over or under rafters as well as dormer walls.

Product Make-up


Actis Triso Super 10+ multifoil is a premium performance multifoil blanket made up of 19 layers of reflective films, foams and wadding.


Faced on both sides with high emmisivity reflective foil with reinforcing mesh.

Product Properties

Thickness 35 +/-3mm W/m·K EN 823
Roll Length 10m
Roll Width 1.6m
Longitudinal Tensile Strength ≥ 600 N/50mm EN 12311-1
Transversal Tensile Strength ≥ 400 N/50mm EN 12311-1
Longitudinal Nail Tear Resistance ≥ 400 N EN 12310-1
Transversal Nail Tear Resistance ≥ 450 N EN 12310-1
Surface weight ≥ 738 g/m²

Product Prices

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The prices and quantity discounts below are 'per roll' rates. Each roll is 1.6x10m = 16m².

Rarely requested product sourced directly from manufacturer. Actis Super 10 35mm, 1.6x10m = 16m² - ranging from £11.35 to £11.88 per m²

1 plus rolls @ £11.88 per m² = £190.03 (£228.04 inc-VAT) per roll
4 plus rolls @ £11.77 per m² = £188.34 (£226.01 inc-VAT) per roll
8 plus rolls @ £11.67 per m² = £186.66 (£223.99 inc-VAT) per roll
12 plus rolls @ £11.56 per m² = £184.98 (£221.98 inc-VAT) per roll
16 plus rolls @ £11.46 per m² = £183.30 (£219.96 inc-VAT) per roll
20 plus rolls @ £11.35 per m² = £181.62 (£217.94 inc-VAT) per roll

Less popular product commonly available at selected depots. Bostik Idenden T303 tape, 100mm x 50m = 50lm - ranging from £0.13 to £0.14 per lm

1 plus rolls @ £0.14 per lm = £6.78 (£8.14 inc-VAT) per roll
5 plus rolls @ £0.13 per lm = £6.72 (£8.06 inc-VAT) per roll
10 plus rolls @ £0.13 per lm = £6.66 (£7.99 inc-VAT) per roll
15 plus rolls @ £0.13 per lm = £6.60 (£7.92 inc-VAT) per roll
20 plus rolls @ £0.13 per lm = £6.54 (£7.85 inc-VAT) per roll
25 plus rolls @ £0.13 per lm = £6.48 (£7.78 inc-VAT) per roll

Where products need to be brought in from Actis, please allow approx. 4 weeks as they come from France.

Please observe the 'Star Rating' indicators to assess availability.
Product Availability Excellent Generally 1 or 2 days for delivery
Product Availability Good Generally 1 to 5 days for delivery
Product Availability Fair Generally 5 to 10 days for delivery
Product Availability Poor Generally 5 to 15 days for delivery
Product Availability Undetermined Please call to check availability and approximate lead times

Product availability depends upon stock levels at closest depot and delivery logistics to geographic locations

Product Performance and Guides

Product Performance, Manufacturer Certification, Downloads, and Installation Guides

Product Performance

Thermal performance Equivalent to 210mm of mineral wool (λD = 0.04 W/mK)* BIP-001
Emissivity 0.05 EN 16012
Air Permeability Airtight EN 12114
Water vapour resistance Z ≥ 500 MNs/g EN 1931
Water resistance W1 EN 1928 method A, EN 13859-1
Fire test reaction NPD EN 13501-1

* The mineral wool used to establish equivalence conforms to EN 13162, has a declared thermal conductivity of 0.04W/mK and 210mm of this mineral wool has a declared R value of 5.25m2K/W. The thermal performance equivalence is between the two tested roof structures, and includes all the associated heat losses, such as thermal properties of the materials, air leakage and thermal bridging, the structures being designed with realistic and identical airtightness and fractional timber surface area to ensure that the results of the test are representative of commonly used roof structures.

Standards & Approval

Actis Triso Super 10 + has been tested in comparison with mineral wool for a total of 3 months at sites in the UK and France. Energy consumption data was collected from two identical, full scale roof structures at each site, one fitted with Triso Super 10 +, the other insulated with traditional mineral wool. The roof structures were tested concurrently and under a range of identical winter weather conditions. The energy consumption was then calculated for a range of UK winter weather conditions to ensure that the results achieved are valid throughout the UK.

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