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  • Thermafleece Breather Membrane

    Thermafleece Breather membrane, a light-weight breather membrane, is suitable for use in floors to help hold Thermafleece insulation in situ as well as a protective layer above the insulation.

    Can also be used as a conventional breather membrane over rafters or on the cold side of a timber frame structure where a heavier weight membrane is not required.

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  • Thermofloc VSD Membrane

    Thermofloc VSD membrane, a reinforced airtight vapour control membrane, is suitable for installation on the warm side of the insulation in wall and roof lining applications.

    Intelligent high performance airtight membrane with a variable surface diffusion that allows the membrane to act as an effective vapour control layer whilst enabling two way movement of vapour for effective moisture management.

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  • iTP Stamisol SafeOne

    iTP's, Stamisol SafeOne is made from breathable, non-woven fabrics with superior self-extinguishing, flame retardant properties for walls.

    SafeOne is Class A2 (A2-s1,d0) rated; independently tested to EN 13501-1 and complies with UK Building Regulations, Approved Doc B.

    Especially suited to high rise (18m+) and high risk buildings.

    Product of the Year Winner at CIBSE Façade 2022 Design & Engineering Awards

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  • iTP FlameOut Block FR

    iTP's, FlameOut Block FR is a polyethylene-based vapour control layer with a mono-filament reinforcement scrim to provide excellent tensile strength in wall and roof applications.

    FlameOut Block and FlameOut Block Plus are independently tested to British and international flame retardant standards.

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