Actis Hybris 185mm, 19 x (2 x 1.2×1.145m) = 52.21m²


Honeycomb multi-foil insulation for pitch roofs, ceilings, timber frame and masonry walls and suspended timber floor applications

An innovative and unique insulation product providing excellent thermal performance.

Works by reflecting radiant heat using the outside reflective layers while the inner core elements reduce heat loss through conduction and convection methods.

Also controls air and vapour movement.

Highly durable, does not create thermal bridging by sagging, shrinking or deforming.

Thicknesses and Availability:

Available in most popular thicknesses at some of our larger depots; 4 week lead-times will apply on stock that needs to be sourced from Actis before delivering to site.

Includes the following product thicknesses: 50mm, 60mm, 75mm, 90mm, 105mm, 125mm, 140mm, 155mm, 170mm, 185mm, 195mm and 205mm (some thicknesses may only be available in pallet quantities as they will need to be sourced from the manufacturer before being delivered to site)

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Actis Hybris 185mm, 19 x (2 x 1.2×1.145m) = 52.21m² £855.47 £1,026.56

Availability Indicators

Actis Hybris is sent out from depots nationwide and is subject to the Local Depot Delivery minimum order levels and delivery charge thresholds.

Reasonable stock levels of popular thicknesses are held at larger depots. Please allow extended lead times where products need ot be sourced from the manufacturer before being delivered to site.

Actis reserves the right to change stocked products - while we will do all we can to keep on top of changes, availability and lead times my vary.

  • Generally 1 to 3 working days for delivery
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Product Application

Multi-foil insulation for roofs, walls and ceilings

Actis honeycomb insulation panel, Hybris, is suitable for use in pitch roofs, ceilings, timber frame and masonry walls as well as suspended timber floor applications.

Product Make-up

Core: Actis Hybris multi-foil is a premium performance multi-foil panel with a honeycomb structure made of shaped polyethylene foams and reflective films.

Facings: Faced on both sides with reflective aluminium coated polyethylene foils.

Product Performance

Thermal conductivity 0.033 W/mK EN 16012
Core thermal resistance 1.5 to 6.2 m²K/W EN 16012
Emissivity 0.06 EN 16012
Air Permeability Airtight EN 12114
Water vapour resistance ≥ 450 MNs/g EN 1931

Standards & Approval

Actis Hybris has been assessed in accordance with the BM TRADA Building Insulation Products Q-Mark Scheme and against the requirements of EAD 040007-00- 1201, including thermal resistance testing in accordance with EN 12667, for use in pitched roofs, lofts, timber frame or masonry walls and floors and has a core declared thermal resistance R value up to 9.05 m2K/W for 300 mm as well as a declared emissivity of 0.06 for its inner side and 0.10 for its outer side which can be incorporated into U Value calculations carried out in accordance with EN 6946. The exact thickness range and corresponding R values are shown in the accompanying schedule. Actis Hybris is registered within the BM TRADA Q-Mark Scheme for Building Insulation Products.