Gyproc Soundbloc


Acoustic performance plasterboard

Suitable for dry lining most internal wall and ceiling applications where increased levels of acoustic performance is required including partitions and floors.

Can be used for direct decoration or plaster finish.

Has a blue paper face for easy identification on site.

Available in tapered edge finish only.

Achieves ‘Very Good’ rating under BES 6001

Thicknesses and Availability:

Available in 12.5mm and 15mm thicknesses.

Available in most popular sizes at most depots; short lead-times may apply if we need to get stock in before delivering to site.

Product options


Availability Indicators

Gyproc Soundbloc are sent out from depots nationwide and is subject to the Local Depot Delivery minimum order levels and delivery charge thresholds.

Reasonable stock levels of popular thicknesses are held at larger depots. Please allow extended lead times where products need ot be sourced from the manufacturer before being delivered to site.

British Gypsum reserves the right to change stocked products - while we will do all we can to keep on top of changes, availability and lead times my vary.

  • Generally 1 to 3 working days for delivery
  • Generally 1 to 5 working days for delivery
  • Generally 5 to 10 working days for delivery
  • Special request or made to order item, allow extended lead times. Minimum order levels may apply.
  • Please call to check availability and approximate lead times

Delivery charges will be calculated at check-out. Please visit our Ordering From Us page for further details on minimum order levels and delivery charges. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me via our Contact Form or on 01903 899 898.

Product Application

Dry lining acoustic plasterboard

British Gypsum\'s acoustic plasterboard, Gyproc Soundbloc, is suitable for dry lining most internal wall and ceiling applications where higher levels of acoustic performance is required. It is suitable for direct decoration or plaster finish.

Product Make-up

Core: Gyproc Soundbloc consists of a higher density aerated gypsum core encased in, and firmly bonded to, strong paper liners.

Facings: Blue paper on the front face while the hidden face is a brown paper.

Product Properties

Thickness12.5mm and 15mm 
Board Length2.4 - 3m 
Board Width1.2m 
Board EdgeTapered 

Product Performance

Thermal Conductivity0.25 W/mK 
Nominal Density840 - 848 kg/m³ 

Product Variants

Gyproc Soundbloc 12.5mm 11.2m2.4mT/E
Gyproc Soundbloc 12.5mm 11.2m2.7mT/E
Gyproc Soundbloc 12.5mm 11.2m2.8mT/E
Gyproc Soundbloc 12.5mm 11.2m3mT/E
Gyproc Soundbloc 15mm 21.2m2.4mT/E
Gyproc Soundbloc 15mm 21.2m2.7mT/E
Gyproc Soundbloc 15mm 21.2m2.8mT/E
Gyproc Soundbloc 15mm 21.2m3mT/E
  • 1 Weight = 10.6 kg/m², Density = 848 kg/m³ and Thermal Restistance = 0.05 m²K/W.
  • 2 Weight = 12.6 kg/m², Density = 840 kg/m³ and Thermal Restistance = 0.06 m²K/W.