iTP FlameOut Breathe FR


Flame Retardant Housewrap breathable membrane

Flame Retardant Breathable Housewrap for all wall applications.

Engineered with superior flame retardant properties. It has excellent water vapour resistance and breathability.

Flame retardant materials are self-extinguishing, resistant to catching fire, reduce flammability, and inhibit, suppress or delay the production of flames.

FlameOut Breathe FR has a Class B fire rating.

Is suitable for use on 18m+ builds (11m+ in Scotland)


Available for delivery direct from the manufacturer with an approx. lead time of 2-3 days.

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iTP FlameOut Breathe FR is sent direct to site from the manufacturer and is subject to the iTP Membranes shipping charge.

Reasonable stock levels are held with delivery lead times being around 2-3 working days.

iTP reserves the right to change stocked products - while we will do all we can to keep on top of changes, availability and lead times my vary.

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Product Application

Fire Retardant breathable housewrap membrane for wall applications

iTP\\\'s flame retardant breathable housewrap membrane, FlameOut Breathe, is suitable for use in all wall applications as well as roofs.

Product Make-up

Core: FlameOut Breathe FR is multi-layer non-woven breathable fabric with superior self-extinguishing and flame retardant properties.

Product Properties

ColourDark Grey 
Weight90 g/m² 
Roll Length50m 
Roll Width1.5m and 3m 

Product Performance

Flame RetardantClass B-s1,d0 
Tensile StrengthMD 170 / XD 140 
Vapour Resistance0.1 MNs/g 
Water TightnessW1 

As per EN 13859-2, Clause 5.2.2, in the case of the breather membrane or VCL being used on a supporting structure, further flame retardant testing of the structure may be needed to determine the flame retardancy of the construction due to a possible different flame retardancy of the supporting construction materials (e.g. wood).

FlameOut Breathe FR breather membrane is Class B-s1,d0 when free hanging or directly installed on a supporting substructure with a flame retardant classification of A1 or A2.