SolaTube Ø25cm Flat roof round diffuser system


Sun pipe system for flat roofs with a 25cm diameter tube.

Can be installed on EPDM, PVC, TPO, Bitumen, and CPE flat roofs.

Best suited for smaller spaces such as, but not limited to: spare bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets, corridors and landings.

Each installed system illuminates up to 10 m².

The polycarbonate roof domes have a fire classification of Tp(a), as certified by the BBA.

Recommended maximum tube install length is 6m.

This flashing is extruded from one piece of aluminium for a light yet strong, leak-free design.

Additional information

Install type

Flat Roof

Diffuser type


System Size



Product Application

SolaTube Ø25cm for installation on to flat roofs

This SolaTube Ø25cm flat roof flashing kit is suitable for installation on all types of roof coverings such as EPDM, PVC, TPO, Bitumen, and CPE.

System Components

Dome and Assembly (included in the system base kit)

Polycarbonate Flex Dome, Inner Dome, LightTracker Flex, 2 x Raybenders Flex, Top and Bottom Tube assembly, Brush Seal, Natural Effect Lens and Insulation Lens.

Flashing (included in the system base kit)

Ø25cm Flat Roof flashing and flashing insulator

Extension tubes

Extension tubes and adjustable tubes (0-30° and 0-90°) can be added to the system to extend the install distance from roof to ceiling providing ease and flexibility of installation.


Choice of diffusers: Round Classic Vusion or Round JustFrost

Buy SolaTube Ø25cm Flat roof round diffuser system

Extension tubes (install distance from roof to ceiling)
0-30° adjustable tube
0-90° adjustable tube
Daylight Dimmer
Light Add-on kit

Product Performance

Below are the technical specifications for both the standard SolaTube Ø25cm and the SolaTube Ø25cm ECO (Energy Care Optima) system. The SolaTube Ø25cm ECO flat roof system can be purchased by Clicking Here

 Ø25 cmØ25 cm ECO
Light output in lumens314341127
Recommended maximum tube length1max 6mmax 6m
U-value complete set21.3 W/m²K0.5 W/m²K
Sound Insulation2 Dn,e,w (C Ctr)65 (- 1;-5) dB67 dB
Upward pressure / downward pressure4UL 3352/DL 7182UL 3352/DL 7182
Gust LoadSB 1350SB 1350
  • 1 Solatube Lumen Output Tabels 4.1 - 7/05.
  • 2 Research Grontmij (Sweco), Peutz en ITC-CNR.
  • 2 Half-year average based on research by Grontmij (Sweco) en
  • 2 Tested with the EN 1873 method by British Board of Agrément.