Thermafleece Tfloc VSD Membrane, 1.5×16.7m = 25.05m²


Airtight barrier and vapour control layer for use on walls and roof linings

Suitable for installation on the warm side of the insulation in wall and roof lining applications.

Intelligent high performance airtight membrane with a variable surface diffusion that allows the membrane to act as an effective vapour control layer whilst enabling two way movement of vapour for effective moisture management.

Reinforced for increased tear resistance.

Easy to handle and install without gloves or protective clothing.

Installed with the printed side facing into the building or the fibrous side facing the insulation/out of the building.


Available for delivery direct from the manufacturer with an approx. lead time of 3-5 days.

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1 to 5 working days

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Product Application

Airtight vapour control layer for walls and roof linings

Thermofloc VSD membrane is suitable for use in walls and roof linings as an intelligent vapour control layer.

Product Make-up

Core: Thermofloc VSD Membrane is a non-woven polypropylene membrane that adapts its vapour resistance with changes to heat and moisture levels (winter/cold = high vapour resitance, summer/heat = low vapour resistance).

Product Performance

Tensile strength MD 350 / CD 315 EN 12311-1
Tear resistance MD 350 / CD 375 EN12310-1
Resistance to water penetration Class W1 EN 1928