Recticel Eurowall Cavity Plus full fill cavity applciation board Recticel Insulation

Recticel Eurowall Cavity Plus

High performance rigid Polyisocyanurate (PIR) full fill cavity wall application insulation board

Suitable for use full fill cavity applications with a minimum residual cavity of 10mm, up to 25m.

Tongue and groove joints on all four sides to minimise heat loss and increase protection againstwind and rain.

Easy to cut and shape.

Can be used to improve reliable long-term energy savings for buildings.

BBA certified.

Thicknesses and Availability:

Available in most popular thicknesses from the manufacturer; short lead-times may apply as we may need to get stock in before delivering to site.

This Eurowall Cavity Plus Range includes the following product thicknesses: 75mm, 90mm, 115mm and 140mm

Some thinknesses carry minimum order levels.

Product Information

General information about Recticel Eurowall Cavity Plus

Product Application

Cavity insulating board

Recticel's high performance polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam board, Eurowall Cavity Plus, is suitable for use in full fill cavity walls with a nominal residual cavity of 10mm.

Product Make-up


Recticel Eurowall Cavity Plus is manufactured from rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) using a blowing agent that has zero ozone depletion potential (zero ODP) and low global warming potential (GWP)


Faced with a low emissivity multilayer aluminium foil (with grid markings) on the outer facing while the inner face is a grey alkali resistant composite foil, autohesively bonded to the insulation core during manufacture

Product Properties

Thermal Conductivity 0.022 W/m·K W/m·K EN 13165
Compressive Strength 120 kPa at 10% compression
Nominal Density 30 kg/m³
Board Length 1.19m *
Board Width 0.45m *
Board Edge Tongue & Groove
Vapour Resistance > 100 MNs/gm EN ISO 10456
* Actual board size is 0.46x1.2m including the tongue and groove lips. 0.45x1.19m is the 'installed' size of the board.

Product Prices

Buy Recticel Eurowall Cavity Plus

The prices and quantity discounts below are 'per pack' rates. Packs contain multiple boards... 10 x 0.45x1.19m = 5.36m² - in this instance, there are 10 x boards in a pack where each board is 0.45m x 1.19m providing a total coverage of 5.36m² per pack.

Availability Undetermined - Special circumstances are involved in the supply of these products. Recticel Eurowall Cavity Plus 90mm, 10 x 0.45x1.19m = 5.36m² - ranging from £31.73 to £33.20 per m²

1 plus packs @ £33.20 per m² / £17.80 per board = £177.96 (£213.55 inc-VAT) per pack
4 plus packs @ £32.91 per m² / £17.64 per board = £176.38 (£211.66 inc-VAT) per pack
7 plus packs @ £32.61 per m² / £17.48 per board = £174.81 (£209.77 inc-VAT) per pack
10 plus packs @ £32.32 per m² / £17.32 per board = £173.23 (£207.88 inc-VAT) per pack
13 plus packs @ £32.03 per m² / £17.17 per board = £171.66 (£205.99 inc-VAT) per pack
16 plus packs @ £31.73 per m² / £17.01 per board = £170.08 (£204.10 inc-VAT) per pack

Sourced from the manufacturer before being delivered to site, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Recticel reserves the right to change stocked products - while we will do all we can to keep on top of changes, availability and lead times my vary.

Please observe the 'Star Rating' indicators to assess availability.
Product Availability Excellent Generally 1 or 2 days for delivery
Product Availability Good Generally 1 to 5 days for delivery
Product Availability Fair Generally 5 to 10 days for delivery
Product Availability Poor Generally 5 to 15 days for delivery
Product Availability Undetermined Please call to check availability and approximate lead times

Product availability depends upon stock levels at closest depot and delivery logistics to geographic locations

Product Performance and Guides

Product Performance, Manufacturer Certification, Downloads, and Installation Guides

Thermal Resistance

While we have provided Thermal Resistance values for all thicknesses on the Recticel Eurowall Cavity Plus datasheet, some thicknesses may not be readily available.

Items highlighted in green are generally held in stock by Recticel.

Product Thickness Thermal Resistance kg/m²
Eurowall Cavity Plus 75mm 75mm 3.40 m²K/W 0.99 kg/m²
Eurowall Cavity Plus 90mm 90mm 4.05 m²K/W 1.15 kg/m²
Eurowall Cavity Plus 115mm 115mm 5.20 m²K/W 1.48 kg/m²
Eurowall Cavity Plus 140mm 140mm 6.35 m²K/W 2.02 kg/m²

Standards & Approval

Recticel Eurowall Cavity Plus has zero ODP and a GWP rating below 5 along with CE marking compliance to BS EN 13165. Recticel Eurotwall Cavity Plus is manufactured in accordance with quality management system ISO 9001 and environmental management system ISO 14001. All products must be installed in accordance with guidance issued by Recticel.

Where building regulation approval is required, you should take advice from your local building control authority and the building designer.

Installing Recticel Eurowall Cavity Plus

General guide
  • The correct wall tie type should be selected for the type of building under construction. Wall tie manufacturers should be consulted for further advice regarding suitablity.
  • Recticel Eurowall Cavity Plus insulation boards should be installed against the inner leaf, secured with universal retaining clips.
  • The internal leaf is constructed ahead of the external leaf. Any mortar protruding into the cavity airspace from the back of the internal leaf should be cleaned off before installing the product.
  • It is recommended that an additional wall tie is included within 225mm of openings on each board course level to satisfy the structural requirements of the wall.
  • Walls are constructed with the first row of wall ties where the insulation is to begin, but not directly on the DPC, and at approximately 600mm horizontal centres. The first row of boards can start below the DPC to allow at least a 150mm overlap with the floor insulation.
  • A section of the wall leaf is built up to a course above the next row of wall ties, which are placed at 450mm vertically and 900mm horizontally. Insulation boards are placed between two rows of wall ties with the tongue and groove joints tightly interlocked and vertical joints staggered. Slots should be cut with a sharp knife or fine toothed saw into the insulation boards to allow wall ties to fit snuggly between board joints, sloping down to the outer leaf.
  • Upon completion of each section, excess mortar should be removed and mortar droppings cleaned from exposed board edges before installation of the next section. Use of a cavity board is recommended to make cleaning easier.
  • To fit around any opening, doors or windows, boards should be cut carefully and accurately to completely fill the spaces for which they are intended, ensuring continuous insulation throughout the wall.
  • Where multiple openings are in close proximity, it is recommended that a continuous lintel or cavity tray is used. Damp proofing at lintel level must be provided with stop ends and weepholes.
  • Where required, door and window reveals must incorporate cavity closure depending on the set-back of the frame.
  • Corner details are formed by cutting the boards squarely and closely butt-jointing, or by cutting board ends at a 45º angle to create a mitred joint, so that all board interfaces are uninterrupted. All corner details incorporate a vertical 300mm wide DPC or a proprietary tape.
  • At the end of each day’s work, or during any interruption in construction, the exposed unfinished cavity should be covered to protect it from poor weather.
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